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Empowering Families to Thrive Through Difficult Times…

Located in Surrey BC, Jordan Penner MA RCC specializes in supporting both married and separated couples with co-operative parenting as they navigate the complexities of co-parenting. This specialized form of family counselling focuses on assisting families in respectfully and constructively managing the challenges they face.

The primary objective of co-parenting counselling is to increase co-operation and problem solving towards supporting the unique needs of children and both parents. By offering professional guidance and support, Jordan helps parents develop effective communication strategies, establish healthy boundaries, and prioritize the well-being of their children.

With a focus on the positive goals of the family co-parenting counselling aims to enhance and foster teamwork. Jordan provides unbiased perspectives and equips parents with tools to work together effectively, ensuring a smoother journey for everyone involved.

Whether couples are adjusting to new dynamics or seeking to improve their co-parenting skills, Jordan’s therapy sessions seamlessly adapt to their needs. By fostering understanding, empathy, and developing practical skills and tools, Jordan helps parents and their children thrive, even during the most challenging times.

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How a co-parenting counselor can help

Jordan can help with


Language: understanding how words contribute to either conflicts or cooperation.


Values: Identifying and developing joint shared values towards the development of the children.


Communication: knowing how to ask for what we want and how to hear others while working out disagreements.


Influence: Creating a path to share influence in support your children's development.

Benefits of Co-parenting Counseling

Jordan can help you to effectively co-parent your children by coaching you in the following areas.

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Improve troubled relationships with your partner, children and other family members

Jordan provides comprehensive support throughout the journey, addressing the emotional stages involved by supporting the development of resilience skills and coping skills. Through his expertise, Jordan helps clients navigate the emotional stages of divorce, empowering them to heal and thrive in their next stage of life.

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Helping You Develop Coping Skills to Thrive Through Difficult Times

Becoming a parent opens our eyes to the immense responsibility of nurturing another human being. While pregnancy is often seen as a miracle and babies are undeniably adorable, the reality of sleepless nights and caring for a non-verbal infant can be overwhelming. These are just a few of the many challenges parents face daily.

Children have their own unique personalities, needs, and quirks, making parenting anything but easy. Juggling work stress, marital issues, family dynamics, financial pressures, and more adds to this complexity. 

Co-Parenting therapy offers valuable support for coping with these challenges. It teaches parents to manage external influences, handle the demands of the children, and communicate effectively. It also helps co-parents work together as they navigate stressful events, peer pressure, sibling relationships, and daily pressures faced by their children.

Based in Surrey, BC, Jordan Penner operates a private practice that assists families facing challenges with co-parenting their children. If you’re seeking a counsellor specializing in family counselling to address your parenting concerns, Jordan Penner, your Surrey therapist can help.


Jordan Penner is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) licensed through the BCACC. Jordan’s training includes a Masters’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and extensive training and certificates through the Justice Institute, The Law Society of BC, and the BCACC, and more.

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Co-parenting arises from the need to provide stability, support, and healthy development for children when their parents are no longer together.

Here are some key reasons why co-parenting is necessary:

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Child Well-being

When both parents actively participate in raising their child despite being separated its creates huge benefits for the child’s well-being. Co-parenting significantly contributes to a child’s overall happiness and adjustment, ensuring they feel loved and supported despite the change in the family’s structure.

A person seeking divorce counseling holds a baby in a blue circle.

Shared Responsibilities

Co-parenting ensures that both parents continue to share the responsibilities of raising and caring for their children. This includes making decisions together, coordinating schedules, and providing consistent and reliable support.

A person seeking divorce counseling holds a baby in a blue circle.

Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

Co-parenting enables children to maintain strong bonds with both parents. It allows for ongoing emotional connection, regular interaction, and the opportunity for children to receive love, guidance, and nurturing from both parents.

A person seeking divorce counseling holds a baby in a blue circle.

Positive Role Modeling

By engaging in cooperative co-parenting, parents can model effective communication, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills for their children. This helps children learn how to navigate relationships and handle challenges in a constructive manner.

A person seeking divorce counseling holds a baby in a blue circle.

Consistency and Stability

Co-parenting provides stability and consistency in children’s lives following separation or divorce. Maintaining consistent routines, rules, and expectations across households can contribute to the child’s sense of security and overall well-being.

A person seeking divorce counseling holds a baby in a blue circle.

Reduced Conflict

Effective co-parenting helps minimize conflict between parents, creating a more peaceful and harmonious environment for children. This will have a positive impact on their emotional health and reduce the potential negative effects of parental conflict on children’s development.

Overall, co-parenting recognizes the ongoing parental responsibilities and the importance of fostering healthy relationships between children and both parents. It aims to prioritize the well-being and best interests of the children as they navigate the changes associated with their parents’ separation or divorce.

Jordan will work with you to:

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Create Plans to help you co-parent

Going into any situation without a plan is a recipe for chaos.  Co-Parenting after a separation is much the same.  Some express worry that if they make agreements, schedules, or plans that they will locked in or they will be used against them in the future.  A good plan allows for flexibility and plays a crucial role in helping you and your partner shift your focus from yourselves to the well-being of your children. The goal is always to support the children and create a stable, consistent, nurturing environment.

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Regain access when the relationship has broken down.

In certain instances, the co-parenting process can experience breakdowns, resulting in a parent losing access to their child or a deterioration of the overall parent-child relationship. When faced with such a situation there is still hope. Jordan regularly works to support parent-child reunification and high-conflict families towards rebuilding the relationship.  This may involve comprehensive individual sessions, or collaboration with a team of counsellors to engage with all parties in order to overcome the barriers in a safe and cooperative environment. This therapeutic intervention can be pursued through a mutual agreement among all parties, while in some cases, it may be court-ordered.

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Solve Coparenting Challenges

Co-parenting presents one of the most significant challenges for families going through a divorce, as it involves adapting to new routines and schedules. Divorce will bring about change in everything, affecting not only the adults but also the children involved. This transition can evoke jealousy and resentment, especially if you or your ex has a new partner entering the children’s lives.

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Support you with your co-parenting plans

Jordan has been working with a specialized team for over a decade to support individuals and families in adjusting to life post divorce. Jordan works with families and individuals who are interested in strengthening their relationship with their children.

is coparenting counselling right for you?

If you experience any of the following symptoms or signs, it may be beneficial to consider seeking a family therapist:

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