A man embracing mental health while standing on top of a rock with his arms outstretched.

diagnostic & treatment of sad (seasonal affective disorder)

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – Diagnosis and treatment diagnosis Even with a thorough evaluation, it can sometimes be difficult for your doctor or mental health professional to diagnose seasonal affective disorder because other types of depression or other conditions can cause similar symptoms. Physical Exam – Your doctor may do a physical exam and ask […]

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A couple seeking therapy seated on a couch displaying distress.

Distress Tolerance Quotes

“Why did I do that?!?!”  At times emotions can overwhelm us and trigger a reaction that is not helpful.  It’s not easy but at times, it can be useful to distract yourself from difficult emotions in the short-term.   Take a step back in order to give you time to re-center. The posts Distress Tolerance Skills

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